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December 25, 2012

IGFA: December 2012 hot catches

Brazilian angler Luana Pigatto was casting a Marine Sports top water plug in Rio Tapajos, Brazil on September 24th when a mirianae peacock (Cichla mirianae) crushed her lure. Using 15 kg (30 lb) tackle, Luana needed almost 10 minutes to subdue this 6.12 kg (13 lb 8 oz) fish, which was quickly released after it was properly documented. With the current record for this species standing at 4.08 kg (9 lb 0 oz), Luana could potentially be the new All-Tackle record holder if her catch is approved by the IGFA World Records committee.

IGFA Representative Bo Nelson landed a beautiful bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) while fishing in Fernie, Canada on August 17th with guide Kim Sedrovic. Nelson’s fish ate a custom artificle lure and put up a 35 minute fight. Tipping the scales at 6.12 kg (13 lb 8 oz), Nelson’s catch is heavy enough to replace his existing 4 kg (8 lb) line class record which stands at 6.01 kg (13 lb 4 oz). Nelson released this potential record fish after it had been properly documented.

Matthew Poldy of Oak Hill, Virginia, USA landed a 10.66 kg (23 lb 8 oz) black grouper (Mycteroperca bonaci) while fishing off Key West, Florida, USA on November 21st with Capt. Donald Poldy. Matthew, age 10, needed six minutes to subdue his grouper after it ate his live bait. With the existing record at 7.94 kg (17 lb 8 oz), Matthew’s catch qualifies him for the potential new Male Smallfry record.

Italian angler Luciana Gerardi was fishing with Capt. Alfonso Crispo off Porto Ottilou, Italy on November 3rd when the live squid she was trolling was inhaled by a 9.53 kg (21 lb 0 oz) dentex (Dentex dentex). After Gerardi’s hooking the fish, the experienced angler needed almost an hour to land her potential new women’s 10 kg (20 lb) line class record, which would tie the existing record that stands at 9.5 kg (20 lb 15 oz).

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