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December 14, 2012

ECUADOR: Salinas marlin report

A recent marlin fishing report in Salinas from Ecuagringo: "The marlin fishing has begun in most of Ecuador. Marlin are caught in most destinations of Ecuador all year. However, December to May tends to bring marlin to every location they are fished for in Ecuador. The water from Esmeraldas to the border with Peru has warmed up to an average 75 F. Galapagos is till considerably cooler with water averaging 72 F. 
Clear blue water has been pushing towards the coast of Ecuador bringing lots of big wahoo ranging from 60 to some plus 100lbs. The weather is nice, not too hot yet and conditions are looking to bring a fantastic season.
Warming water and excellent clarity have brought wahoo and plenty of striped marlin for the last 3 weeks now up to 20 miles offshore. Some boats reported on Dec 8 and 9 up to over a dozen tailers sighted and most boats raised 2 to 5 stripeys in their spread. Several boat reported multiple wahoo catches with one boat catching 16 and loosing another equal amount. Both Saturday and Sunday had reports of dorado, wahoo and striped marlin with one boat loosing a blue estimated around 500lb.

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