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September 12, 2012

USA: monster striped bass world record

Angler Greg Myerson must know a thing or two about big striped bass. Myerson holds the I.G.F.A. all-tackle world record for striped bass for his monster 81 pound striped bass  caught off Connecticut in 2011. But now Myerson has apparently doubled down, this because he now holds the I.G.F.A. All-tackle length record for striped bass, too!!

Here is the story that appeared on
"The I.G.F.A. has recently approved the submission for the new "all tackle length record" for striped bass. The huge fish, which measured 113 centimeters (44 inch), was landed back on May 30 th by Greg Myerson. Greg was fishing 6 Mile Reef off Westbrook, CT, USA, when he made the big fish. ." 

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