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September 21, 2012

MEXICO: huge 427 pounder yellowfin tuna

Guy Yocom landed a monster 427 pounder yellowfin tuna, that should break the IGFA all-tackle record , set just two years ago, when angler Mike Livingston landed a monster 405 lb tuna. He was fishing off  Cabo San Lucas coast in Mexico.

According to "Sport Fishing" magazine, Guy Yocom, owner of the boat, El Suertudo, or “the lucky one,” caught the tuna on a Mustad Demon Perfect Circle hook. As his boat name suggests, he was lucky enough to have entered himself into the Mustad ”Hook A Million” world-record contest. The contest promises to award anyone who catches an IGFA all-tackle world record fish on a Mustad hook $1 million dollar.

Now, Mr.Yocom has only to wait the fina decision of IGFA. The previous potential $ 1.000.000 fish (a sea bass) was disqualified because it was landed on an "Alabama Rig". That angler is still fighting that decision. But Yocom’s fish looks to be clear of any potential snags. If the scales are certified, not only does he have the biggest tuna ever caught, he has a million dollars!!

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