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August 03, 2012

IRELAND: Carrigaholt Sea Angling Centre fishing report

Carrigaholt Sea Angling Centre fishing report from Luke Aston: "Same group in fishing with me all last week and they had a good range of fish but the highlight had to be last Thursday when we hooked into another Six-Gilled Shark and then followed up with a specimen "John Dory".On Thursday with good conditions we headed for a mark that has produced many good fish for me including Conger, Skate and on at least on occasion each year over the last five, some fine Six-Gill shark. One of the lads decided to fish heavy and we put on a skate trace with a big bait. We did not have to wait that long for a heavy bite and although we got plenty head shakes early on, after an hour some people on the boat we talking about “being stuck in the bottom”! But shortly after that there was more obvious movement as the fish tired and started to come up before heading back to the sea bed. Another hour gave us our first look at what turned out to be a Six-Gill shark of 3.5 metres length and an estimated 600 pound (271 kilos). Luckily the hook had stuck right in the scissors of its mouth so the mono trace was clear! What a monster to see on the surface. After lots of photos and some film it was turned loose."

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