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July 02, 2012

RUSSIA: Varzuga annual report

On Varzuga river in Russia the 2012 season is ended  with a staggering 8,500 salmon in just 6 weeks!!
Here a short report from "Rxtons'":
"The  season on the this Russian river will go down as one of the very best in the 20 years that we have been running the programme. It did not start as hoped, however. Our main aim is to have rods on the river about 6-7 days after the ice has broken and while this year the ice break was 3-6 days later than hoped, the portents were good as our first clients flew into Murmansk. The 8 rods at middle Varzuga landed 328 salmon for their week with the latter half of the week fishing better than the first. Unfortunately at lower Varzuga, the rods suffered from an unusually quick melt of the snow which coloured up the water and the fishing was exceptionally difficult."
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