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June 29, 2012

CAPE VERDE: marlin hot action

Cape Verde marlin report from Capt Zak Conde:

23-June-2012 - 3 for 7 and raise one more, sizes from 250 to 450lbs. hooker 1, dreamin on 0, bebiche 1.

24-June-2012 - a solid 500 lbs made our day and a 175lbs yellofin tuna. we lost another three blues, one around 500lbs, others smaller. hooker 2, bebiche 1, dreamin on 0.

25-June.2012 - half a day fishing for the amelia, the boys went to see some part of the island. in the morning we had two bites and caught one, a 300 lbs. hooker 0, happy hooker 1, others zero.

Our score for the season now is 236 blues

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