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May 28, 2012

LAOS: a great catch, an huge Jullien Golden carp

Here a short report from fishing guide Jean Francois Helias:
"Coming to Laos during the rainy season was of course not going to bring us the best fishing conditions. But my client could only take his vacation at that period. Also he is more of a photographer than an angler. So not catching fish was not a problem to him. More important was for him to take lots of great photos. Laos just offers that all day long.
Any body of water was red color. Rivers were very muddy. Mahseer fishing with lure was a failure. No way they could see a lure in that soup.
But today was a very special day to me. My client and I caught only 4 fish in 8 hours of fishing in the mountains of Luang Prabang province. I was the luckiest, landing the biggest Jullien Golden carp I've ever hooked up to date: a lovely 16.48 kg. What a run and what a fight. I almost got spooled out. My small hook (again I was fishing for small barb) got totally strengthen but luckily (and because I played that fish as smooth as I could) I did not loose that biggie.

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