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May 05, 2012

FRANCE: record carp of 84 pound

British angler breaks women's world record with 84lb catch. The British fishing fan snared the gigantic beast while on holiday in France with husband Mike.  Jo, 36, and husband Mike, 45, were sleeping in their tent when they were woken at 4am by an alarm attached to a rod.  Landscape gardener Jo, from Reading, Berks, rushed to the bank and battled with the fish — finally reeling it in after an epic 45 minute fight.The previous women’s record was held by Dutch angler Sandra Claessen who caught a 73lb mirror carp at another French fishery in November 2009. Another Brit, Ambrose Smith, grabbed the overall world record when he reeled in "The Scar" in Dijon, France, weighing a staggering 99 lbs.

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