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May 06, 2012

CONGO: a new goliath tigerfish report

The plane arrived from Pointe Noire to 8am and 45 time to get out luggages and we're off to the Mami Wata. After 2 hour 15 of navigation, we arrive at the Tigerfish's Camp. We eat with a glass of cold beer and around 15h 30 we started to fish. Half an hour later Raymond has a Mbenga attack on the lure and the back of Mbenga makes do with the fin surface in a tub of water ... but it misses the decoy in motion and Raymond happy to see the attack still a slight disappointment, the afternoon and the first half day of fishing ends with nothing more.
 The second day Max and Raymond launch their decoys aggressively and at once a beautiful attack is made on the lure of Max and Mbenga whole body jumps out of the water and I have just enough time to I exclaim, "here it is!" that disengages Mbenga ... Max did not time to do anything but he saw his first Mbenga to the attack on the lure, this one I counted between 12 & 14 kg.
 The third day it is hot and very hot and there a small attack is made on an illusion of Raymond and does not cling and views of teeth that cut a little lure, it would be a Mbenga not exceeding 3 KG (then a baby)

 The fourth and final day of fishing everyone is stressed because no Mbenga is mounted in the boat and it would be nice if we can take pictures ... mid-morning has a new Mbenga reaches the surface to attack the lure of Raymond and runs right side without taking ... wow what luck! the afternoon we have two rods that are waiting with two dead fish and the boat is drifting in the water flow because both fishermen had already worked extensively in casting their lures for three days and when suddenly after half an hour Cane folds and the reel starts to sing, finally a good sharp attack and Raymond is quick to take the cane and ferre Immediately, the two-Mbenga jumps back very quickly and after a fight he returned to the boat and then I catch and I gets on the boat.

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