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May 19, 2012

ARKANSAS: a 68 pound striped bass

Rodney Ply caught a giant 68-plus-pound striped bass while fishing Bull Shoals in Arkansas USA. It could become the new IGFA record for the specie.
Several weeks before the catch…Ply registered for Mustad Hooks’ “Hook-a-Million” contest. Catch a state record fish on a Mustad Hook and win $100,000. Catch a world record fish and you could land $1,000,000. 
Well Ply’s shot at the state record were shot down by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, but his hopes for a cool mill are still alive. The IGFA has yet to rule on his fish, but when they do, they may also be ruling on the legitimacy of Alabama Rigs. 
If the IGFA certifies the catch, they may also be certifying the use of Alabama rigs.

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