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April 08, 2012

IRELAND: a 222 pound skate record

While fishing with Capt Hamish Currie, Andy Logan landed a 8-foot long, 6-foot wide, 222-pound common skate, the biggest ever caught in the Irish Sea and only 5 pounds off the British record.
According to the Daily Mail, the fish slammed the bait, and nearly got away.
“I placed my rod in the holder on the boat and normally you have a bit of time to get to it when something bites,” said Logan. “But this one just bent the rod in half and nearly pulled it off the boat. When I got the rod out of the holder the sheer force of the skate pulled me right across the boat. “I was on my knees at the back of the boat and gripped on to the bar to make sure I didn’t fall in.”
The crew had to pull the anchor up because the fish was taking all of the line. It then dragged the boat along for two miles towards Scotland.
Hamish and Logan were fishing near Rathlin Island when the record skate hit. And Hamish had to put his 37-foot boat in reverse to help get this guy on board his Predator Fishing charter boat. It took more than an hour to hook the fish, land it, take a few pictures, and release it back into the Irish Sea.

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