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April 04, 2012

CAPE VERDE: last from Capt. Zak Conde

fish are still around with a mix of sizes.
every boat is getting bites, weather is good.
good people around, good fun on the sea and on shore.
1 april 2012: for the first time in 8 years of fishing i have a group from france. for paul, bernard and his wife and claude sart its their first day in big action. we left mindelo around 5 o clock in the morning to sao nicolau. we arrived at razo bank about 8, put the lures and teasers in the water and after 20 min trolling we hooked up this beast, i think that fish was without question a grander. came on the left long, wide range. we had this fish on for 10 min before we pulled off the hooks - what a shame, just a great fish.
in the end of the day we went 5 for 6 with another big mama, this time on the leader a few times. we fighted this fish for 3 hours on a 80lbs line. changed anglers three times, xi our mate was the last one. after two hours this fish jumped full out of the water on the back of amelia, what a show !
we had also a 550lbs on 50lbs line, a great fish with a lot of action, the others from 200 to 300lbs.
2 april 2012: lots of small fish,we went 3 for 5 and raise 3 more.
regards to all
capt. zak conde

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