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March 23, 2012

IGFA: Hot Catches March 2012

Smallfry, All-Tackle, line class, tippet class and All-Tackle Length catches from Australia, Ecuador, New Zealand, Panama, and the U.S. States of Florida and Maryland are all before the IGFA World Records Committee awaiting judgment of their World Record status. These seven catches are the hottest we’ve received at IGFA headquarters for the month of March!

Angler Corey E. Nowakowski of Tamarac, Florida, USA, was fishing a local canal in Coral Springs, Florida on February 2, 2012 when he hooked into an enormous great snakehead (Channamarulius). Nowakowski was casting a JD’s Custom Frog when the 5.44 kg (12 lb) snakehead exploded on his bait. After a quick two minute fight, Corey had the potential All-Tackle record fish boated. The current IGFA record is 5.22 kg (11 lb 8 oz). 

Smallfry angler Jaime Alfonso Nebot of Guayaquil, Ecuador was casting a Mirrorlure plug with his father, Jaime Nebot, on January 23, 2012 off of Isla delMuerto when the rod got hit. After a tough 20 minute fight, the youngerNebot had a 24.95 kg (55 lb) broomtail grouper (Mycteropercaxenarcha) to the boat, and a potential new male Smallfry record. The current IGFA record is 7.48 kg (16 lb 8 oz).

Kiwi angler Sue Tindale continues her onslaught of record submittals with this unique species she caught while fishing Kaipara Harbour, New Zealand on January 10, 2012. Using mullet for bait, Tindale needed 30 minutes to subdue a massive 50.7 kg (111 lb 12 oz) short-tailed stingray (Dasyatisbrevicaudatus). Sue was guided to her potential new All-Tackle record by her husband, IGFA Captain Scott Tindale. The current IGFA record is vacant.


Angler Gary Douglas Beach of Ocean City, Maryland, USA recently took a trip to Sebastian, Florida to target the area’s world-class inshore fishing. Fishing with Capt. Gus Brugger on February 22, 2012, Beach found what he came for – an impressive spotted seatrout (Cynoscionnebulosus) that he caught while casting a DOA Cal Jerkbait. Measuring 79 cm, Beach’s gator trout qualifies him for the potential new All-Tackle Length record, as the fish was released alive after the necessary photos and measurements were taken. The current IGFA record is 62 cm.

Smallfry Aussie angler Charlotte Moller was fishing with her family on February 18, 2012 in Australia’s Lake Tinaroo when she hooked into a 25.15 kg (55 lb 7 oz) barramundi (Latescalcarifer). Charlotte was able to land her impressive fish in 35 minutes under the watchful eye of her father and guide, Shane Moller. Charlotte’s fish ate a live baitfish under a float, and qualifies her for the potential female Smallfry record. The current IGFA record is 12.2 kg (26 lb 14 oz).

Angler Veronica Martinez de Sola ofGuayaquil, Ecuador landed this nice Pacific snook (Centropomus spp.) on February 18, 2012 while fishing with a live shrimp in Isla Puna, Ecuador. Weighing in at 2.27 kg (5 lb) after a quick 5 minute fight, Veronica’s catch qualifies her for the potential women’s 02 kg (4 lb) line class record. The current IGFA record is vacant.

Traveling from his hometown of Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA, angler Raz Reid recently experienced the amazing fishery in Panama. Fishing out of Boca Chica, Panama on February 27, 2012 with local guide Juan Martin Spragge, Reid landed a 5.47 kg (12 lb 1 oz) mullet snapper (Lutjanusaratus). Reid need 15 minutes to land his potential men’s 08 kg (16 lb) tippet class record after it ate a well presented Clouser Minnow. The current IGFA record is 2.94 kg (9 lb 8 oz)

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