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December 29, 2011

CANADA: Huge sturgeon on Fraser River

Thomas Storch Jensen and Kim Hammerstrom were ready for yet another trip targeting Fraser River's huge sturgeon, but their expectations took a serious dip, when they were met with reports of difficult fishing upon their arrival to Chilliwack, Brithis Columbia - Canada- 

 However neither the Danish Vikings, the guide Yves nor the big fish took this too literally, and incredibly they managed to land 24 sturgeons on the first fishing day in the tributary Harrison River. That was the guide's best day ever on Harrison River! And the crazy fishing continued over the next two days, where numerous and large fish took their bait. On the fourth day fishing was tougher, but no tougher than Thomas and Kim landing the second biggest fish so far of the trip - 219 cm, while they also foul-hooked a couple of monsters up to 250 cm! One may still wonder how it is possible to foul-hook a fish on a bottom rig, but sturgeon have a habit of swimming towards the bottom when foraging, so it does happen. And a 250 cm sturgeon swimming sideways in the current must be hard work!

 In total the two doughty fishermen landed 65 sturgeon on the first four fishing days, so one does indeed understand Thomas writing to us from Canada: 'Kim and I are in fishing heaven!' Ten of the fish were over 6 feet, i.e. 180 cm, so it is likely that the second half of the trip started out with some very sore arms... The six largest sturgeon were between 200 and 220 cm. Tough fishing is apparently in the eye of the beholder. What a score; we look forward to hearing about the end result for all seven fishing days in BC.

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