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October 15, 2011

COSTA RICA: Crocodile Bay Lodge report

There is a reason Crocodile Bay Resort closes every year in October. One is because we need to do some deep cleaning on the boats, bottom paint and do a tune up on the motors. The other reason is why I am writing this under an umbrella. October is our rainiest month. Just before the rain started, Crocodile Bay used their open schedule to invite a group of 14 kids from the local high school out to explore the gulf on two Strike Yachts. The kids got a chance to see pods of dolphins and three humpback whales! (The young crew returned to the Crocodile Bay pier with smiles on their faces and a new perspective on ocean life.
By the first of November we are starting to move into the dry season and the days are sunny and if the rain falls, it is usually at night. Dorado move in offshore and hungry marlin who love to slurp down dorado and football sized tuna also move in.

Celebrity Tournament and More Events This Season at Crocodile Bay! This season at Crocodile Bay we are hosting several tournaments and other exciting events. We have at least 4 fishing tournaments already scheduled, hosted by the likes of fishing greats Larry Dahlberg from “Hunt for Big Fish”, and another with fishing legend Mark Sosin of Saltwater Journal.
Baseball Hall of Fame legend Wade Boggs will host a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis in the Red Bone Celebrity Series and the International Sailfish tournament will return to Crocodile Bay again this year.
(Baseball Hall of Fame legend Wade Boggs and wife Debbie Boggs pictured left will attend this years RedBone Tournament)

Information on any of these tournaments can be had at our U.S.

office (800 733 1115)

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