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August 27, 2011

Russia - Kola Peninsula: news from Varzina river

Some news from Varzina Trout Camp. Last week’s result is 270 trout for 10 rods. That was great time for trophy trout fishing. 53 trout were over 60cm in length. The biggest one landed by Esa from Finland was spotty trout 75cm in length, unfortunately we do not know the exact weight, as 5kg quick balance were not enough.
Salmon was caught rather seldom, but mostly because the majority of fishermen were focused on trophy trout fishing. All week it was very sunny. Fish was active since 8pm. Dring day time fishing was not very productive, so most of the fish were caught on bright streamers like Golden Killer or yellow-white variants. Among dry flies – caddis imitations work rather effective. During night time black streamers and nymphs were the best.

Previous fishing week came to its end by catching eighty first salmon. Every laded salmon during this week was over 20lb. Like last week at Drozdovka, at Varzina Lodge Janne Nyblom came to the top landing the majority of big salmon (95,98,99,100.102,103 and 107cm). The eighth trophy salmon was landed by Kibler Jochen (102cm). Surprisingly almost all landed nice salmon were female. Although all fish at river is already dark, fresh salmon of huge size still continue arriving to the river. Saying nothing of grilse with sea louse, at some closest to the lodge pools silver salmon of 5-6kg could be met. It’s, of course, autumn run fish.  Although it’s too early for such a fish, it’s still very pleasant to land snow-white salmon. Lots of fish were caught on dry drifting flies like Bomber and Surfboard. Also, especially at night big black streamers work rather productive. Nights became darker, so it seems that theses weeks are the last when you can fish for salmon after dinner.

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