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May 22, 2011

New IGFA Slam Club Members

The IGFA Records Department recently received an Offshore Grand Slam application from an angler where we have previously not seen much interest in salt water sport fishing; the eastern European country of Poland. Seeing that it would be quite difficult to accomplish an Offshore Grand Slam in his native land of Warszawa, Poland, angler Andrzej Bilip decided to travel to world famous Tropic Star Lodge, in Pinas Bay, Panama to try his hand with some billfish. Bilip’s trip was a great success, with the Polish angler landing a 400 lb black marlin, a 200 lb Pacific blue marlin and a 90 lb Pacific sailfish; accomplishing IGFA’s Offshore Grand Slam. And not only was this a monumental trip for Andrzej personally, but his accomplishing an IGFA Grand Slam marks the first IGFA Special Clubs member from Poland. Congratulations to Andrzej and to the country of Poland!

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