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June 26, 2015

US: caught a world record size seatrout

Fishing off  Melbourne area,  in Florida angler Luke Ledbetter has reeled in a massive spotted seatrout that’s likely to recognized as a new world record.

 Luke  was fishing with spinning gear in the Indian River Flat area with Capt. Peter Deeks of "Native Sons Fishing Guides" (

Capt. Deeks, kept the fish out of the water just long enough for measurements and photos and then released the fish into the sea.

He did not weigh it, but estimates the trout weighed about 14 pounds.

The seatrout taped out at 34.2 inches, or 87 centimeters. The IGFA's (International Game Fish Association- world record for length currently stands at 79 centimeters.

Pending approval, Ledbetter's seatrout will be recognized by the IGFA's new All-Tackle Length record program, which awards catches based on length rather than weight.

The curent IGFA "All-Tackle Record" for a spotted seatrout that was killed and weighed stands at 17 pounds, 7 ounces. That fish was caught off Ft. Pierce, Florida, back in 1995.

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