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April 02, 2014

DENMARK: world record size perch caught

A world record size European perch was caught just few days ago in Denmark (North Europe).

This huge Perch where caught by Russian angler Mikhail Poliakov from "ECO FISH" team.

Poliakov  where fishing for pike with a lure of 6.6 inch - 17 cm Shallow Runner Westin J├Ątte (Westin-Fishing)  when the giant fish brutally attacked it.

If it is a new Danish or world record, we will never know because the huge perch was released in to the lake.
The fish was weighed on two different scales, weighing in at 2,7 kg and 2,95 kg and measuring 20.2 inch - 53 cm.

What the true weight is we will never know butfor sure it is a giant European perch of world record size!

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