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March 28, 2014

HAWAII: caught an huge 1,211 lb blue marlin

Off Kona in Hawaii islands an huge size marlin was caught few days ago.

After waiting almost 3 months for the  first "Grander" of 2014 (fish over 1,000 lbs , it was was only time to catch an other huge one.
Capt. Dave Unger and Kai Hoover on board "Nasty Habit", landed a 1,211 lbs - 548 kgs Blue Marlin.
his is the largest Blue Marlin weighed in Kona since 2008 when on board " Integrity’s" was caught a 1,252 lbs .

The fish ate a sky blue lure off the long corner in 700 fathoms off Casa de Emdeko.  That tail hanging out of his mouth is a 35 lbs tuna.

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