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February 04, 2017

US: caught a 49" muski while ice fishing

The Iowa great lakes are know for producing some giant muski, in particular the Spirit Lake.

Angler Mike Fogarty had a great day ice fishing when hooked an huge fish.

Fogarty was enjoying time fishing with his family and was about to pack things up for the day. It was just then that one of his rattle reels started running. It didn’t take long for Fogarty to realize there was no ordinary little pan fish on the other end.

Eventually, the family stood around looking at a whopping 49″ muskie. Because muskies aren’t in season, they removed the hook, snapped a couple quick photos, and released the giant back through the ice.

The fish measured 26 inches around. For reference, the circumference of an 8 inch ice hole is just 25.12″.

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