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April 16, 2016

FLORIDA: giant mako shark attacks sailfish with a jump

A group of friends while fishing off  Biscayne Bay, Miami  were forced to share their catch after a massive mako shark jumps out of the water for a bite of the fish they had hooked.

The shark was estimated to be in excess of 500 lb and attacked a 60 lb fat sailfish. For sure is one of the rarest video ever seen of a mako shark attack over the surface.

Here a part of the video that was filmed:

Eventually, they brought what was left of the sailfish on board and then cut off a chunk. They baited a hook with it, tossed it out and hooked the mako shark.

The three fishermen (Tommy Sibiga, Blakely Smith and Michael Chenault) for sure never forgot this epic fishing day.

You can see all the full video in HD on Vimeo here:

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