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April 01, 2015

US: caught a 120 lb record size blue catfish

Burr Eddie  landed a  blue catfish of 120 pound - 54.3 kilos  with a length of 55 and 1/8 inches and a girth of 45 inches  to break the Missouri state record for alternative fishing.

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) verified the weight on March 25 with a certified scale, breaking the 50-year-old previous record of 117 pounds.

Burr caught this monster catfish with a trotlining. A heavy fishing line is generally strung up between two trees across a river. Smaller sections of fishing line with hooks are then spaced out across the line, baited, and dropped in the water to await a fish.

Alternative methods in Missouri are considered to be just about any way not caught on a rod and reel.

Burr  wanted to let his record catch go or donate it to local Bass Pro, but it did not survive through the record keeping process.

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