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August 06, 2014

THAILAND: hot fly fishing action for big fishes

Here a short report from fishing guide Jean Francois Helias that operate in Thailand:

"Angler Phil Brownhill, has done particularly well for himself these very past days with a string of lovely catches on the fly.  

Starting first by landing on Aug 2 three species of carp, including the cautious and elusive Siamese giant carp (catlocarpio siamensis) and Catla carp (catla catla), two species that certainly less than 20 fly anglers on the planet can brag they have ever caught.

Also the highlight of his trip came yesterday Aug 05 when Phil had a hat trick of Arapaima (arapaima gigas) aka Pirarucu catches, estimated being respectively in the 120 lb (55 kg), 155 lòb (70 kg), and 175 lb (80 kg)  marks."

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