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April 08, 2014

FLORIDA: caught an huge 720 lb mako shark

During a recent cobia tournament off Destin in Florida an huge 720 lb - 326 kg mako shark was caught.

Fishing was in relative shallow water, 15 feet or more, with the only purpose to catch cobia, but all the fishing team of " Sure Lure " forgot all about cobia as soon as one of the crew spotted the huge mako shark cruising along the coast.

They immediately drop a live bait, and almost immediately the hungry shark  devoured it. Randy Messer was handling the rod, and the all battle ended after 2 hours and at least a dozen acrobatic leaps by the fish.

The big mako shark, was hooked on 60 lb line only two miles offshore  Destin shore.

Because the shark had to be towed to port, the voyage lasted more than 5 hours

The largest ever mako being caught off Florida was a 1,063 lb - 481 kg fish and the current IGFA (e International Game Fish Association) all-tackle world record is a 1,221 lb - 553 kg mako

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