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July 01, 2013

USA: giant 58 pound world record balack buffalo

Angler Steve Coursey was out for an afternoon of bass fishing with his  friend on  the Tennessee River about halfway between the Chickamauga Dam and downtown.

After few minutes of fishing Coursey caught a 58 pound - 25.5 kg black buffalo carp. He boated it and showed it at the "Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency" that signed off on it as both the state and world record.

Angler Edward McLain had held those records since 1984, for a 55 lb 8 oz. - 24.9 kg black buffalo caught in Cherokee Lake.

Coursey decided to ride out the big buffalo's fight on the Salmo lure. He really didn't have the rod or line he would've chosen for such an undertaking, but his 6.6 foot St. Croix rod and Penn reel with 8 lb (4 kg) test line held up through a 40 minute fight.

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