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June 29, 2013

CAPE VERDE: June blue marlin fishing report

In Cape Verde Islands in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, the blue marlin action was hot during all the month of June.

Here some highlights of the last week:

Captain Simon Bracey on "Happy Hooker" 2 caught a 500 lbs Blue Marlin yesterday and a 750 plus lbs today so far.

Captain Marco Canu on "Nha CrĂȘtcheu" caught two on two marlin on pitch bait. 1 Marlin with 350 lb. The second fish came to the right teaser and we hooked him on the 50 lb line with 200 lb leader. They realized that Marlin was much bigger than our 950 lb from last week.
Anyway they fought him for six and half hours and we had him five times on the leader but no chance to put the gaff in. At the last try we we broke the leader.

Captain Olaf Grimkowski on "Smoker" caught a Blue Marlin around 550 lb on stand-up 80 lbs tackle.

Captain Zak Conde on "Amelia" caught the last 8 days ten Blue Marlin from 250 to 600 lb. They raised 3 marlin at a time twice and we had two marlin on (double hook ups). Twice out of the three double strikes. On day 3 they raised around 15 marlin though we only caught 2 of them.

On 19 June on Nha CrĂȘtcheu was caught a big blue marlin with 935 lb

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