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February 20, 2013

ASCENSION ISLAND: monster 1320 lb blue marlin

An huge blue marlin of 1.320 pound was caught in Ascension Island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. this marlin is the 2nd biggest on the island ever.

The monster mama was caught on board the fishing charter boat Harmattan with Capt. Olaf Grimkowski and mate Kevin Gardner. The fish was at the boat after more than 3 hours of fighting;  Kevin fought her on sunset.  Emil Ruud had to let go of the leader 4 times (wiring his first marlin ever) until the fish was controllable.

The official weight = 1.320 pounds
The short length = 49 inches
The girth = 83 inches and a touch less on the anal fin but only 19.5 inches around the tail

Probabli this 1,320  blue marlin is the 4th Largest Blue Marlin caught in the Atlantic:  1.352 in Bermuda, 1.402 in Brazil, 1.337 on Ascension and then this big one.

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