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October 12, 2012

ECUADOR: Galapagos marlin report

Today fishing report from Ecuagringo about marlin fishing in Galapagos Islands: "The last 10 days have been a bit slow in Manta and Salinas with the marlin bite. Some scattered action from striped marlin has been reported in Northern Manta. Water temperature have been a mix of 71 to 73 in some areas. Galapagos has reported colder weather and some windy days but the tuna bite has been good and although no boats have gone out in the last 10 days to marlin fish local fishermen have reported seeing good numbers of tailing striped marlin while fishing for grouper on Rosa Blanca. Flying fish as well as sardines are present which should lead to a good marlin bite.

The Big Fish and Patricia are undergoing their planed maintenance in order to be ready for what promises to be a fantastic 2013 season. The weather has been quite chilly and winds have been blowing. Artisanal fishermen going after wahoo have reported a good tuna bite and those that have ventured after grouper onto Rosa Blanca bank have reported seeing schools of feeding and tailing marlin on the bank as well as plenty of bait. With a few charters. "

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