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August 26, 2012

USA: Record oilfish from Missisipi Canyon

During a sunny fishing day a group of anglers aboard the 33 foot Contender "Salty Duck" dropped a bait into over 1500 feet - 450 metres of water in the Mississippi Canyon, they had swordfish on their minds. They caught a strange deep predator,  a long brown oilfish that “this strange fish was extremely aggressive when it hit the surface,” says angler Kini Bowers, “glowing silver and electric blue across its back, with a greenish-gold, glowing eye and an angry set of razor sharp theet.”
Back at Cypress Cove Marina in Venice (Luisiana), the group weighed the ebig fish at 71 pounds. This depp predator tops the Texas record and he could find no record for Louisiana.

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