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February 03, 2012

USA FLORIDA: 54.73 Makerel Earns Top Slot at Key West

Key West, Florida - The Bimini Twist team caught a 54.73 on the first day of the 16th Annual Key West Harbour King Mackerel Tournament and walked away with the event's $7,000 top prize. "We had a great day on the water,  catching fish all day long," said Grant Johnson. "We fished the Atlantic side in 78 feet of water,  basically near the Banana Bar, which was 37 miles from the channel. She ate a fresh blue runner about eleven-thirty. Jerry Stephenson grabbed the rod and the fight was on."
Grant went  on to tell me that they never stopped for bait, catching them while still trolling.
"We had several in the low forties and thirties. We knew that based on years past, this fish probably would not hold up, but we had a breakdown on Sunday morning and couldn't fish. It was frustrating but we're thankful it held up."
Grant's son Blake would be the Top Junior Angler in the tournament.  Grant also added that they saw a blue marlin free jumping and caught a sailfish. That's a super day!

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