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February 11, 2012

ARGENTINA: Last report from La Zona

Friend Hank Szopinski and his neighbor, Ed Quinif, fished the Uruguay River during January 27th to 30th, 2012 for golden dorado. The guys fished in the area known as La Zona "Home of the Monster Dorado'. The water levels were extremely low as a drought has taken place the past few months in Argentina and Southern Brazil. Hank and Ed were guided by Untamed Angling top dorado guide, Enzo Rico who has guided more clients to monster 40lbs+ dorado then all the other guides combined! Hank, who had previously fished in La Zona earlier in 2011, landed the largest dorado at 42lbs casting large Cabela Canadian Spoons (gold coloration) toward the Uruguay side.

Numerous rocks are currently exposed which is normally where the monster dorado lay waiting for baitfish to move by with the strong currents produced by the El Salto Grande Dam turbines. Ed and Hank landed a 36lbs and 42lbs simultaneously! Hank also landed a 41lbs golden dorado earlier in the stay. Congratulations Hank for cracking the 40+ lbs barrier which in my opinion is a monster dorado. Hank decribes the stay are very nice with the food, guides, and staff of Untamed Angling being top notch. Fishing was described as good but numbers were slightly down due to the very low water levels. I think once these levels come up, the dorado fishing will be unbelievable. To get into this exciting action you can book a trip through

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