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February 03, 2012

AUSTRALIA: massive mako shark caught

A shortfin mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus) of 2.90 metres in length and 294 kg (650 pound) in weight was caught in Australia
According to the source, the mako was caught by the two sport-fishermen Jason Finch  and Neil Sturzaker about 20-kilometres south-east of Apollo Bay.
It took two hours to reel in the shark, using 80 lb line and a salmon as bait. During the fight, the mako pulled almost all of the 800 metres of line off the reel. So they virtually had to chase him with the boat to get all the line back. After the shark was brought alongside, they realized it was too big for the back door of the boat. The fishermen had to tow their catch to shore and the weigh-in took place at Landpower Colac.

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