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December 24, 2011

RUSSIA: Kola Peninsula Umba River season report

Looking back on Umba 2011, the weekly number of big salmon logged in the books was really high and clearly indicates that we are on the right track with our long termed conservation plans for Umba. Our June weeks turned out really good both in numbers and size, and many of our guests managed to land there magic Twenty pounder Salmon.
In the six-week period from mid August until first of October we caught 71 Salmon between 15 Lbs and 19 Lbs and 45 Salmon between 20 Lbs and 30 Lbs – Every week during the entire season we were able to celebrate new members in our Twenty Pounds Club, and we even managed to recruit several “Double Members” and "Triple Members" to our exclusive club. TThis required of course many celebrations in vodka and a few hangovers the following day.

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