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November 20, 2011

THAILAND: 20 lb toman-snakehead caught


Well..... well..... well.... it been quite a while since I' last seen a Monster Size MAMA Toman 9KG.

The last person I seen landed it was by Kaiser- Mark Richards of S'pore 2 mths back...

This time round is was my Netherland customer turns.

Today is his big day in which he has broken his personal best record of all time.

A whoppy 20Ibs (9KG) Monster MAMA Toman-snakehead.

The fights was awesome !!! The atmosphere was high !!! The stake was high !!!

We almost lost the big mama due to the carelessness of the boatman.

Luckily everything end up well.....:)

Well done Sebastiaan !!! This is the 2nd toman trip he has fished with me for the wild toman.

Sebastiaan has learnt fast and pickup fast from me N I'm happy for him.

We'll be going for our 3rd trip again soon that's after my 7 & 1/2 DAYS marathon wild toman trip with my another customer from French.....I'll berather busy fishing for monster toman for the next 8 DAYS........

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