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November 30, 2011

ECUADOR: November marlin report

The currents continue to bring usually cold water for the month of November. Salinas, Manta and Galapagos Islands are all experiencing water temperatures 71 to 73 F average.


The striped marlin bite has been picking up a bit more in the last 2  weeks. Don Chuma fished Nov  20th and reported raising 3 stripey and  releasing 1 on a circle hook. The water  temperature was reported around 72.

Nov 26, 2011 angler Jorge Jurado caught a 1,102 lb blue marlin onboard the Amalita. Artesanal skiffs report catching granders comercially on a regular basis each year. Large blues and blacks are know to migrate through the coastal waters of Ecuador to spawn in Northern Peru


The last 2 weeks have been pretty decent with most boat averaging 2 to 5 marlin between blues and stripes. Water has held around 73 F and many of the Salinas anglers have headed to fish the area aroun Isla de la Plata.

San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands.

The water has not warmed up yet and most areas and banks are reporting 71 F average on the monitors. The Big Fish and Patricia have fished several time in the last 2 weeks. The Patricia fishing out of Santa Cruz reported raising a few striped marlin on 0-30 Bank On Nov 20 and 21. Captain Yury Gutierrez raised 4 stripeys on Nov 20 and released 2 and raised 2 and released 1 on Nov 21. They fished with a walk on charter.

The Big Fish tried its luck on Rosa Blanca Nov 22, They did not raise any marlin but found a nice bunch of big eye tunas that kept them entertained. Captain Fernando Yepez reported cold water 70 to 71 but very nice color and not much bait on Rosa Blanca Bank. The next run was Northeast to Black Sheep Bank on Nov 24. Captain Yepez reported slightly warmer water with 72 to 73 F on the Bank. The 70 mile run paid off as there was better marlin action. He reported raising 10 striped marlin and releasing 6 out of 7 bites on the circle hooks. Late in the day the hooked a big eye tuna estimated over 200 lb. 40 minutes later they would loose the tuna to sharks 20 feet from the boat


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