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June 25, 2011

Russia: Kola Peninsula Varzina salmon report

The second part of the week at Varzina passed without much effect. Fish were caught without fail, but its number could hardly satisfy the majority of anglers. Only size of trophies cheered up.
Anglers regularly meet salmon about 10kg. Water level drops drastically. Drozdovka and Penka already have summer level of water, in Varzina it is a bit higher. Floating lines are used at all rivers. Salmon began to react at hitch flies. Fresh fish strive to the upper part of the river. Salmon with sea buds were several times caught at Varzina waterfall, and it’s over 10km far from the sea. Water temperature went up to +11C. In tributaries of Varzina and small rivers water temperature is couple degrees higher. The total result of the week:  for 14 rods – 63 salmon were caught, 8 of them were over 20lb and one record fish weighted almost40lb (17,7kg, 117cm). Griles have not appeared yet and average weight of the fish is rather significant. Kelts are rather seldom. We are waiting for main salmon run and trophy samples!

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