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March 05, 2011

Galapagos -Equador- marlin report

 San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands

The last month has been some of the calmest water this year. Beautiful dark blue seas almost everywhere we go fishing. The last 10 days of marlin fishing have not been the best experienced and probably not the worst. Yes the numbers have been less than impressive by Galapagos standards but nevertheless we are still catching striped marlin and at times more than that. The weather has been hot. Some rain is helping cool down many days.

Feb 6, 2011 Craig Zoufally and Steven Mc Millan were sent to us by South Fishing thanks to Herb Rossell and Al Schafer who run South Fishing. The Big Fish headed to Rosa Blanca. Water conditions were calm and nice. The bait was scarce and fishing was very slow. Only 3 marlin were raised but no bites were had.
Feb 7, 2011 the Big Fishheaded North to the Black Sheep Bank with Craig and Steven. The fishing was about average with a very calm morning and some fish being raised to keep it interested. Over 40 marlin were seen tailing throughout the day with groups of 2 to 8 fish tailing at the same time. The crew bridled rigged a live bonito and fished it through tailing marlin for over an hour with no bites! Amazingly no tailers would take a live bait. 12 marlin were raised which had 12 bites several fish spit the hook and Craig Zoufally got his first striped marlin release.
Feb 13, 2011 Wanting to shake things up a bit we decide to try our luck by running 50 miles to Floreana Island onboard the Big Fish. Fishing 3 miles offshore around Post Office crew and anglers Greg, Roger and Anthony were hoping for a big blue that lurk these waters. Lots of bonita and small tuna were seen busting and after a moment a few bonita were caught and bridle rigged to swim live. Trolling them for over 2 hours only attracted the attention of sharks which are not legal to catch so it was time to go back to trolling. Trying to cover as much ground as possible the boat chugged along at 8 knots pulling all lures as the target was something big. At 2:50 pm on the mark a huge head came out of the water followed by a tremendous explosion. Anthony Beradograbbed the captain's rod and began a fight on a Shimano Tallus 50/80 stand-up rod with matching TLD 50 reel. The fight lasted 1 hour 5 minutes before the beast was subdued. A very nice big eye tuna that Pete Santini weighed and measured later at 357 pounds was brought to the boat. Pete is an IGFA certified weight master. Since the fish was caught on 50# he suggested it be submitted for a world record.
Feb 15, 2011 After a break from fishing the Huljack group went in search of blue marlin. It took some time but on the North drop of San Cristobal a blue around 400# tried to eat the teaser 4 times. Other than some small tunas that was all the action we had from marlin.

Feb 16, 2011 The final day of fishing for Greg, Anthony and George. The Big Fish ran to Black Sheep bank 68 miles from port. The perfect calm day to fish as well as sunny and some clouds. It didn’t take long to raise stripeys and the action was constant all day with 23 raises, 15 bites and 6 releases from stripe marlin 130 to 200 #. The first large bait balls of sardines were seen on the surface. Marlin slashing and chasing bait were seen as well. A spectacular way to end the trip of a lifetime.Folks, the Galapagos Islands are still a magical place where anything can happen and surprise you. The striped marlin fishing will pick up soon but in the meantime we are having fun with the mixed bag of tuna, wahoo, some striped marlin, blue marlin and who knows what else we will have around soon. There are very few dates left for the 2011 calm season so don't wait, contact us now.

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