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January 06, 2018

US: two monster record size black drum caught!!

Anglers caught two absolute monster drums, the bigger one unofficially smashing the current world-record mark at an estimated 122 pounds.

Adam Kirby was fishing near Georgetown and had had a pretty good day; 
on his first cast, Kirby hooked and landed a black drum the men estimated to be around 110 pounds. 

They decided to keep fishing, and around 40 minutes later, Bremner became the star as he hooked into an even bigger drum. Using the same formula, they estimated this fish to be around 122 pounds, which would’ve effectively made it the new world record, beating the standing record of 113 pounds by 9 pounds.

South Carolina forbids anglers from keeping fish outside of 14-27 inches, even to be officially weighed.


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