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November 12, 2016

AUSTRALIA: caught huge hammerhead shark fishing from the beach

 While fishing from a beach in Western Australia, angler Jamie Dennis caught and released an huge hammerhead shark that missed out on becoming a world record for released sharks due to a technicality.

He spent over an hour and a half reeling in the great hammerhead shark at Pages Beach in Geraldton, and landed the beast with the help of a friend.

The pair measured the bigshark, took photos and released it back into the ocean. They followed it in a kayak for about 100 yards before it disappeared.

The shark measured 3.85 meters or 12.6 feet and was caught on 130-pound line-class category in the International Land Based Shark Fishing Association world-record book.

But unfortunately Dennis and his friend missed one measurement.

He can’t claim the record because I didn’t measure its girth.

The current record for a caught-and-released hammerhead shark in the 130-pound line class was by Josh Emerson on Jensen Beach in Florida in April 2008. 
That hammerhead shark measured 12 feet, 1 inch with a 6-foot girth. Based on a formula using measurements, it weighed an estimated 758 pounds.

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