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May 24, 2016

FLORIDA: caught an huge size warsaw grouper

During the annual "Crosthwait Memorial Fishing Tournament" in Florida a giant warsaw grouper has been caught a fish over 300 pounds; this tournament had never seen a fish like this.

Team "Jumbo Shrimp" and Capt. Paul Christie, knew what his team wanted to catch big fish.The first part of that plan involved targeting Warsaw grouper.
Their value in the tournament would max out at 100 points regardless of weight, so the team was going to be happy with one around 70-80 pounds.

Angler Anthony Panipinto, lowered a line more than 600 feet into the Gulf of Mexico where it would be inhaled by a monster warsaw.

After 30 minutes of back and forth, the gigantic Warsaw on the other end surfaced, allowing Christie to see just how big it truly was. the monster fish was an incredible 347 pounds (157.5 kilos).

"Jumbo Shrimp’s" team catch brought home 537 points and the title for a repeat victory worth $10,000.

Here below a video that shows how big these fishes can arrive.

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