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June 28, 2016

MEXICO: caught a world record grouper while kayak fishing

Kayak angler Jeff Mariani was fishing with some friends off Cedros Island in Mexico and hooked the catch of a lifetime.

Mariani  made another routine cast, let his surface iron flutter down about 40-feet before starting the retrieve and he was slammed. After a 30 minute fight managing to keep the fish out of the rocks, he landed the 108.6 lb (49.20 kg) broomtail grouper.

The fish was caught with a 65 lb braid and a 35 lb fluorocarbon leader and a Kicker iron jig.

The fish has been submitted for both the IGFA (international Game Fish Association - all tackle and 80-pound class world record.

If accepted, the record will break the current record of 100-pounds, which was set in 1998 off El Muerto Island, Ecuador.

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