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July 06, 2015

CAPE VERDE: landed a 1,254 pound blue marlin

A couple of days ago while fishing off Cape Verde Islands, Capt. Ronnie Fields and the rest of team "Big Oh" weighed a 1,254 pound - 568 kilo Atlantic Blue Marlin.

The huge marlin was caught on a pitch bait tuna on an 80W with 100 lb line.

This will not break the current World Record of 1,190 lbs from the Azores on 80w, but it will go down as the 9th Largest Blue Marlin weighed in the Atlantic.

The fish came up on a "Black Bart Breakfast" lure before the switch to a bonito. It took over five hours to get the fish to the boat and they had her on the wire over twenty times.

They had to call Capt. Brad Philipps on "The Hooker" to assist as he had better gaffs in his boat.

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