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January 16, 2015

US: caught record 28 pound rainbow trout

Angler  Larry Warren was fishing on the North Fork of Idaho’s Clearwater River when hooked and landed a rainbow trout weighing at least 28 pounds - 12.68 kg and it is  about 8 pounds heavier than the state record for the species.

Larry was compelled to release the fish because it was protected under state law, so state record was broken. In facts he state mandates that rainbow trout with an unclipped adipose fin must be released.

This huge trout weighed at 28.32 pounds on a digital hand scale, before setting it free.

Meanwhile, a photo of  Larry posing with the fish has been circulating this week on fishing sites, and being discussed by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game on Twitter.

The state record is a 20.2-pounder caught on the Snake River in 2009.

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