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September 06, 2014

NORWAY: kayak angler caught a 1,200+ shark

Kayak angler Joel Abrahamsson  fishing in North Norway caught a record  Greenland shark weighing an estimated 1,247 pounds, according to Kayak Fish Magazine.

He was fishing less than a mile off Andörja Island, Norway, in over 1,500 feet of water when he caught what is considered an unofficial record.

The previous unofficial record was a 400-pound salmon shark caught and released in Alaska in 2008.

After a few abortive takes on 8 lb dead bait Abrahamsson got a Greenland shark to stick.

Abrahamsson said the fight was the strangest of his fishing career. He used a Penn International 50 VSX on a Sharkbound XH rod.

The science crew laid the shark alongside a boat, where it measured 401 centimeters long, with a girth of 202 cm. The weight was calculated by a formula: 1247 pounds.

The shark could be estimated older than 200 years. Seems there are only about 12 to 15 Greenland sharks caught every year in all of Norway, so it is a rare species

He fought the big shark for over 90 minutes; the huge fish was realesed after all measurements.

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