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May 29, 2013

THAILAND: discovered a mysterious catfish

Here a report from top fishing guide Jean Francois Helias about a Frankenstein fish he discover in a Thailand pond.

" Knowing your particular appreciation for catfish species, I know you'll enjoy discovering that exclusive photo showing for the first time a cross "made in Thailand" between a pangasianodon gigas aka Mekong catfish and a redtail. The Thai fish breeders for the aquarium trade are known to be good at playing with species...that's a proof of their skills!

Though I do not agree at all with human interference and manipulation in fish breeding, I must admit the beast is kind of cute....

I do not think that catfish specie will have a future here because it is a violation of the Thai law to interfere with pangasianodon gigas, considered as a sacred fish."

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