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February 10, 2013

USA: larger tiger shark ever landed in Texas

Probably the tiger shark caught by top angler Alberto Zertuche of Zs easy ( is one of the biggest landed from a pier.
This monster shark was landed at Bob Hall Pier, Located on Padre Island, Corpus Christi, Texas; it was 12.3 feet long with an approximate weight of 600 pound.

Alberto fought it for 35 min, and took 10 mins to walk down the 1200' pier to the beach so they could get a DNA sample, tag and release the shark which was one of 18 tiger sharks.

Alberto had used  half of a 30# cownose stingray, which a kayak was used to deploy the bait from the end of the pier another 800 yards out.  Then 18 hrs later the shark picked up the bait and the fight was on. He was using an Avet 80/02 spooled with 100# Jerry Brown hollow core braid, and his own line of shark rod, leaders and weights I specifically designed to catch sharks.

During the season they have caught that season of 160 sharks we tagged as well.  Bull sharks, greater hammerhead sharks, scallop hammer heads, blacktips both species, lemon sharks, silky, finetooth, blacknose Atlantic sharpnose, sand bar sharks.

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