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October 26, 2012

USA: Michigan musky state record

Angler Joseph Seeberger was bass fishing on Lake Bellaire last week when the big fish struck his minnow. It took  more than two hours to land 58 pound - 26.4 kilos monster musky on light line.

“It looked like a big log coming out of the water when I first saw the fish. I think we all were all just waiting for the line to break at any time,” Joseph told the Detroit Free Press. “Once the fish was in the boat, many high fives, some ‘holy cows,’ and I am sure a swear word or two.”

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources confirmed that the state’s muskie record was shattered by more than seven pounds last week. They certified the record, officially declaring that it weighed 58 pounds, measured 59 inches in length (that’s eight inches longer than my second grade son is tall) and had a girth of 29 inches.

The previous state record muskie weighed 50,5 pounds and measured 56,13 inches long. It was caught by Kyle Anderson on Torch Lake in late 2009.

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