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February 22, 2012

NEW ZEALAND: Killer Whale hooked!!!

Robbie Lewis is no stranger to big fish, catching a record southern bluefin tuna, but battling a big sea mammal was definitely not in his plans at the Gisborne Tatapouri Sports Fishing Club’s Eastland Port Marlin and Tuna Hunt.
Lewis and his crew aboard C Crazy 2 were searching for some big-eye tuna on day three of the 4-day tournament. After finding a pod of tuna, four killer whales came up and started following their lures.
“One started jumping like a dolphin — we weren’t sure if it was a whale or a big tuna to start with, then realised it was one of the orcas and it had eaten one of the lures," said Lewis to The Gisborne Herald.
First-time big game fisherman Charlie Destounis strapped into the chair, the crew began an epic battle. The orca peeled off more than 750 yards of line three times before busting off.
With the reel literally smoking, the harness broken, and Destounis tiring, the killer whale finally broke off.

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